Science Graduation in One Year

BSc Cs, BSc IT, BSc PCM, BSc ZBC, BSc Chemistry One Year Graduation

Science is generally a subject which scares most of the students, but we also cannot deny that it is generally one of the most exciting subjects.

This is one of the subjects which have a great amount of scope. You must have heard that graduation takes 3 years, but what if I tell you that you can complete your science graduation in one year. Does this news excite you? If yes, then let us look over the details regarding science graduation in one year.

Table of content 
Let us look over the topics which we will be discussing in this content.

Table of content
1 About BSc in one year
2 Eligibility for Science one year
3 BSc specialization
4 The objective of science graduation in one year
5 The conclusion on science graduation in one year.




About BSc in one year

In the present scenario, it is practically possible to get your degree in Bachelor of Science in just one year. So you must be able to understand the importance of two years, you have in your hand which you can use for gaining a good amount of work experience.

Science graduation in one year is one of the courses is taken by those students who have discontinued their studies after the completion of Senior Secondary examination.

The scheme known as the Credit Transfer Scheme gives you the opportunity to for BSc one year sitting. After the completion of this course, you will be allowed to take a career in multiple BSc specialization fields. Even those students who have failed earlier can take advantage of this course for achieving graduation within one year.

Google, Microsoft, Videocon, Dell are some of the top companies where the students are working after completing science graduation in one year.

Eligibility for Science one-year graduation

The following criteria should be fulfilled by the students for being eligible for a one-year degree in BSc. Those students who are willing to take the scheme of BSc one year degree must have completed their Senior Secondary Examination for a reputed and recognized board. Those who have completely the following criteria are perfectly eligible for the one year BSc degree.

BSc Specialization

Following are some of the areas of specialization for one year BSc degree:
BSc in Physics, Chemistry, and Math (PCM)
BSc in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB)
BSc in Zoology, Biology, and Chemistry (ZBC)
BSc in Fire Safety and Hazard Management (FSHM)
BSc in Computer Science
BSc in Hardware and Networking.
BSc in Visual Effects and Multimedia
BSc in Information Technology
BSc in Mathematics
BSc in Physics
BSc in Statistics
BSc in Ayurveda
BSc in Automobile
BSc in TeleCommunication
BSc in Environmental Science

These are just a few specializations in the one year BSc graduation. You will find a huge variety of fields in Bsc which you can choose according to your interest.

The Objective of Science Graduation in One Year

Students enrolled in the one year BSc course will be facilitated with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree once they have successfully cleared the conducted examinations. These students are eligible for multiple jobs in the Private and Public sector which generally requires graduation In Bachelor of Science.




I believe science graduation in one year can be a great help for those students who are facing challenges in investing a big amount of time in studies. I have multiple friends who have got the degree from such courses within one year, and they are also working for multiple reputed private and public organizations.
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