One Year Graduation Courses

Apply for One Year Courses in DEB & UGC approved Universities. Complete graduation in one year and save your gap years. 

As most of us understand that complete graduation one of the most troublesome portions of these student’s life that have insufficient time and insufficient money too. You’ll get the majority of students in India that cannot complete their certificate classes such as Graduation. After complete their high school some of those participate themselves in job-oriented courses. However, the candidate completes one year graduation courses usingthe legally recognized university in too little time .so without confronting any sort of difficulty and lack of time candidate complete the alliance atoneyear graduation. It’s 100% valid. After obtaining these certificated menare able to apply any private business in as well as to government services. It’s a work-oriented class supply by the college. The most important purpose of this courseis to handle the year difference of student.





List of One Year Graduation Courses


  1. One Year Graduation Courses In Arts
  2. One Year Graduation Courses In Science
  3. One Year B.Tech Course.
  4. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  5. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  6. Bachelor of computer administration(BCA)
  7. Bachelor of information technology
  8. Bachelor of fashion designing.
  9. One Year graduation in physics
  10. One year graduation in computer application.


One Year Graduation Courses in Arts 


You see, several Government jobs need candidates to be Graduates. So, if it’s a Government job that you just area unit targeting, you’ll do this one year graduation course in arts. After complete this you are getting ready for state Job entrance exams!

The Bachelor of Arts (or B.A.) usually offers such as History, Philosophy, English Literature, Psychology, Economics, Sociology and so much more! It is very easy to complete in comparison of three year graduation courses


One Year Graduation Courses In Science


Science is normally a subject that disturbs the majority of the pupils, but we also cannot deny it is generally among the most exciting topics. This is only one of those subjects that have a fantastic quantity of scope. You have to have heard that college takes 3 decades, but what I should inform you that you are able to finish your science graduation in 1 year.  It is very less time to consume and as well as money also.


One Year B.Tech Course


Yes, you can be an engineer in one year. The benefit of doing this course is you can get the job in little time and you can save your time and year gap if any.

You can complete your engineering certificate through one sitting certificate in Engineering.

This course is more important for those students who have discontinued their study after 10th or 12th or who have failed in any course or not continued their higher education plan due to multiple reasons.  There are many colleges which are approved by UGC or any polytechnic approved by AICTE where you can complete one- year B tech course. the B tech is  one of the most demanded course in India.



This oneyear graduation course is more beneficial for that student who has a lack of money and time also. The student gets their profession in minimum time. Anyone can get a graduate degree in one year. After complete this student have a bright future.

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