One Year Arts Graduation

BA, BSW, BLIS One Year Graduation.

Let’s talk about One Year Arts degree are you excited?

Generally, while talking about a bachelor’s degree or having graduation takes a time of 3 years.

Some students definitely do not prefer to study for such a long amount of time, sometimes due to multiple circumstances, you do not get such a long time.

Well, in that case, I can provide you an alternative which can definitely help you regarding this.

With the help of this course, you will be able to sit for your desired job which requires a graduate student.

This course generally offers you a field of subjects in a really broad aspect.

I have mentioned some of the courses which are available for the students, but let me also tell you that the mentioned courses are just a small list to show the number of courses offered by this scheme.

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1 About One year Arts degree

2 Eligibility for Bachelors of Arts (B.A) one year degree

3 One year courses in Arts stream

4 Objective of one year graduation.

5 Our opinion Conclusion

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About One year Arts degree

Now it is practically possible to get a degree in Bachelors of Arts (B.A) within a time period of one year. This course is generally preferred by those students who have discontinued their studies after class 12.

Credit Transfer Scheme allows you to complete your one year Arts degree within a year through one sitting BA degree.

The opportunity of one year Arts degree can also be utilized by those who have failed or discontinued their studies.

Multiple students who completed this course are now working in companies like, Dell, Google, Videocon, Microsoft, and the list goes on.

Eligibility for Bachelors of Arts (B.A) one year degree

Those students who are looking for BA one year graduation have to be fulfilling the following criteria. He or she must have successfully passed the Senior Secondary examination conducted by a Recognized Board.

Once you have completed your Senior Secondary, then you are freely accepted for BA one year degree. This is the only required eligibility for one year graduation in Arts stream.

One year courses in Arts stream

Following are the courses for one year degree in arts admission.

BA in Economics

BA in English

BA in History

BA in geography

BA in Public relationship

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication

BA in physical education

You also get courses like BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) one year graduation. BLISc (Bachelor of Library and Information Science) one year graduation course is also offered for the students.

Apart from these, you will also get a huge number of courses for one year degree. These courses can be offered through distance, and you can complete your Distance degree in one year or we can also say that you will get Distance Graduation in one year.


Once you have done the one year degree in arts admission, you will be completing your graduation within a single year.

Once you have completed the course, then you are perfectly eligible for multiple private and government sector jobs.

Such a scheme allows you to complete your Bachelors within a single year, allowing you to be perfectly called a graduate. Apart from this, you are also able to save your precious time of 2 years, which you can use for gaining multiple work experiences.

Our opinion Conclusion

Well, enrolling yourself in this one year Arts degree course or any degree course can really be a great path for a bright future. The scheme of graduation within a year, allows you to complete your graduation in a single year, which helps you to get your desired job with a better opportunity.

Many students have to start working after completing their Senior Secondary Education. Well, this course can be a great help to those students. Generally, the courses are much easier and can be done with a lesser amount of time.

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