Law and paralegal one year degree

LLB One Year Distance Course.

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1 About Law distance degree in one year
2 Scope of one year law courses
3 Best Law colleges in India
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As a profession, law is in great demand these days. Nowadays the crime in India exists in various forms. Crime includes kidnapping, cybercrime, corruption rape, murder, etc. After that, the control of this type of crime the low and lawyer plays a very important role. Because, the changing social and economic and the ever-increasing regulatory role being taken by the government. There is a high demand for lawyers. So that in the field of the various career options is available.
Let’s have a better understanding of about Law degree in one year.

About LAW distance degree in one year

The candidate has a great opportunity to become a lawyer in one year and save your time and money also.
This annual law degree course was introduced in India by UGC in January 2013 which provides to line up a Centre for Post Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) within the prescribed manner to offer the 1-year LLM course.



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Scope Of One Year Law Course

There are lots of opportunities for a law graduate. One will either apply as an associate advocate in every court of law or work with other companies.
Career after law course is bright. By clearing exams conducted by Public Service Commissions, a law graduate will become a professional lawyer.
After gaining expertise, a law graduate will hope to become an advocate, a prosecuting attorney or supply services to government departments

Criminal Lawyer: Specializes in criminal laws Carps, IPC, Evidence Act, and various other penal laws.

Civil Litigation Lawyer: this profession is Specializes in civil laws e.g. taxation laws, excise laws.

Legal Analyst: these types of lawyer Works in corporate firms or law firms and analyses laws pertaining to the sphere of the company and its operation.

Legal Journalist: Covers crime agreements beats, legal proceedings in courts, arbitration courts, international courts, and arbitration events.

Legal Advisor: the people consultancy to corporate firms regarding their legal obligations, duties, legal relations with other firms.

Government Lawyer: this profession Works for the government and in close coordination with the police.

Judge: after getting experience and judgment after conducting the court proceedings and hearing al the concerned parties and ministries.

Best Law Colleges In India

NLSIU, Bangalore
NALSAR, Hyderabad
NLIU, Bhopal
NUJS, Kolkata
NLU, Jodhpur
HNLU, Raipur
GNLU, Gandhi agar
Faculty of Law, Delhi University, Delhi
Symbiosis Society’s Law College, Pune
ILS Law College, Pune
Find best law colleges.

Distance Degree In Law

The distance degree in law is a short time consuming with less fee structure. This degree course is for those students who are working and any other reason so they can’t attend the regular classes. They can join the distance law and get qualified with a law degree and choose a professional career in lawyer field.


As per our opinion, you can go for Law distance degree in one year if you are working professional or running out of money to pay a huge amount of fee structure. We found that the career after Law course is also a good you can have better career opportunities. We have a number of colleges also in India where you can do a law degree either regular or distance degree in law.




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