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Complete Your Graduation In One Year in India

In our country, every student wants to complete their Graduation degree. But as we all know that completing graduation is among the most difficult tasks of those student’s life who have lack of time as well as money. You will find that there are bulk of pupils in India who cannot finish their certificate classes like Graduation. After high school a few of these pursue job-oriented classes, some go out of thir native state seeking employment, and others get enrolled in diploma classes. However, with help One Year Graduation, a candidate completes graduation in one year with the valid recognized university in too little time. So without facing any kind of difficulty and in shot time, candidate finishes the graduation in one year. It is a 100% valid degree.  After getting this certificate, people can apply to any private sector as well as government sector job. It is a job-oriented course provided by the university. The main objective of this course to manage the year gap of the student.

Study One year graduation in India

In India, because of money limitations, some students stop studying to make money and get casual with the study, but now the students are able to finish Graduation in one Year. It’ll aid them in shaping their Career and save their gap years too. To look after the issues of those students/individuals, Colleges have produced few Graduation diplomas in one year programs. After completion of the One Year Graduation Degree, students are provided marksheets and Degree from te University.

Can a foreign student apply for distance learning in India?

Yes, the government has booked some chair for distance learning in the foreign students quota. The government of India is providing some valid seat in some recognized university.  So foreign students may apply for whatever from graduation annually classes in most institutions the pupils from other developing nations through which international students may gain admission.

Validity of one-year degree in India

Yes, UGC and DEB or some other recognized institute supply the graduation degree certification. It’s appropriate Degree at annually, 100 percent valid. It’s accepted by the university. There’s a good opportunity of scopes are Offered in India after finish the one-year graduation. It is possible to also apply and find a chance in the private industry in addition to thegovernment sector.

FAQs about Studying in India

Question1:  Do Indian Universities allow distance graduation in one year?

Answer 1: Yes! You can complete your higher studies from India through fast track mode from a government approved university.

Question2:  What jobs can I apply for after completing Graduation in one Year from India?

Answer2: After completing your Graduation degree in one year, you can apply to various MNCs and Government sector for job. You can also start your own business.

Question3: What is the process of Application for foreign students in Indian Universities?

Answer 3: Foreign students can apply to Distance Graduation Courses through Lateral Entry and Credit Transfer. However, if you want to avoid complications, Conatct

Question4: What are the best Universities for One Year Graduation in India?

Answer 4: To find out the best universities for Distance Graduation in One Year, click here.

Question5: Will I receive my degree after completing the course?

Answer 5: The institutes send the degree documents through post once a student has cleared the exams conducted by the university. It is a 1005 valid degree and the students can also check their details on the university website.


The one year graduation has very less time consumingand low fee structure. The graduation is most important for thestudent. And it also provides the job opportunity in all private sector and government sector.This graduation degree reduces the year gap of thestudent. All the information in this article will help you to complete your graduation in one year in india.

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