Education Degree in One Year

B.Ed One Year Graduation from Distance Universities

Teaching is one of the most respected professions in the world as they play a very impatient role in a student’s life. Teachers are very demand in both each nonpublic and government sectors. After earning this one-year B.Ed. degree, you will be introduced and to get a job in preschool and primary schools.

After completing your education degree in one year you will get offered a teaching job as any school in permanent, temporary, part-time or full-time as per your interest. After that, you can start work in Schools, Education Department, Coaching Centers, Education consultancies, home, and private tuitions, etc.

The early year’s age 2 to 8 in a child’s life is now being most a foundation to the for lifelong learning and development.

Therefore considering pre-school years, many teacher training diploma programed is their importance of pre-school education.

This is the time to help the child and make them independent well mannered.

Therefore, the main purpose of Teacher Training Diploma Courses and pre-schools is to provide a carefully planned, with the environment which will help the child develop an excellent foundation for creative learning so that the child can get life-long benefits from it.

Eligibility for One Year B.Ed.

Anyone with 10+2 level qualification or above is eligible to enroll for this Teacher training diploma program.




What is the Career After One Year Graduation in Teaching?

After completion of your education degree in one year, you can get multiple job opportunities in the different sectors either public or government. Few of the career options are listed below.

You can be a teacher in a government school as well as the private sector as well.

Private Tutor is one of the best options you can grab.

In this digital era, you can be an online Tutor

Education Consultant, you can guide others and provide paid services.

The principal or Vice Principal is also an excellent option of

You can be a Counselor as well.

You can get hired by any Education Researcher to help them.

List of Colleges for One year Education Courses

These are the top 10 one year teacher training college in India.

K.J. Somaiya Comprehensive College of Education, Training, and Research

Bombay Teachers Training College

Lady Irwin College

Andhra University

SNDT Women’s University

Government College of Education

St. Xavier’s College of Education

D.M.College of Teacher Education

Kirorimal College of Education

Jamia Millia Islamia University


One Year MBA Distance Learning


After complete education degree in one year the candidate becomes a professional teacher and also building a system that can support ambitious science instruction. There is increasing attention to creating opportunities for teachers to take on leadership roles to both improve knowledge and strengthen the teacher work.

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