One Year Courses

Distance Graduation in one  year

Distance Graduation in One Year is a valid process to complete higher studies in single studies from UGC, DEB and MHRD approved universities. 

The graduation is a most important part of our professional life . Without a Bachelor’s degree we miss lots of opportunities. Completing graduation is one of the most critical portions of a student’s life who has insufficient time due to financial responsibilities and insufficient money. You’ll find that majority of students in India that cannot complete their higher studies such as Graduation. After completing their high school most students pursue studies in job-oriented courses. However, any candidate with gap years or break in study can complete graduation in one year from UGC & DEB recognized university through Fast Track mode. Thus, without confronting any sort of difficulty and even with lack of time a candidate is able to complete his/her higher studies through graduation in one  year. It’s 100% valid degree. After obtaining the degree, the graduates are eligible to apply to various government, public and private sector jobs.  It’s a work-oriented class supply by the college. The most important purpose of this class is to handle the year difference of student.


What Is Graduation In One Year?


The graduation in one year is a fast track course. It helps save the time as well as money for that student who has year gap or those who dropped out of studies for any reason. They get the opportunity for Lateral Entry.

They can select Graduation & Post Graduation degrees in one year (Single Sitting) exam.

In India, due to an economic issue, this graduation in one year is getting more popularity. It will facilitate the students with financial difficulties in shaping up their Career and saving their gap years.

Is One Year Degree Is Valid?

In the light of spreading education to every corner of the country, government authorities like University Grants Commission(UGC) and Distance Education Bureau(DEB) have allowed the provision of one year graduation/degree/certification. Now finish your higher studies with Graduation in One Year and shape your career the way you want. It is possible to also apply and find a chance in the private industry in addition to the government sector.


Eligibility For Distance Graduation In One Year


To apply for Graduation in One Year, any individual who is willing, needs to have a gap of minimum two years in his academic career. Along with the gap in study, a student must have qualified 10+2 level examination from a recognized board or its equivalent. There is no Age Bar for distance learning in India, thus students of any age can aply for graduation in one year.

Courses Available For Distance Graduation In One Year


There is a vast array of courses that can be completed through Distance Graduation In One Year. Some of the most popular one year courses are listed below:

Arts Courses for Distance Graduation in One Year: 

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Social Work 

Science Courses for Distance Graduation in One Year: 

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) 

Commerce Courses for Distance Graduation in One Year: 

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Management Courses for Distance Graduation in One Year:

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Bachelor of Management Science (B.M.S.)

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)


Graduation in one year can be a great help for those students who are facing challenges in investing a big amount of time and money in studies.  Graduation in one Year is one of the best courses to get a professional diploma in a short time and get eligible for professional jobs in the market with attractive salary structure.

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