Smart Study Plan For Degree in One Year


Any degree course, whether regular or distance, requires planned study. The duration of the regular courses is decreased to around one year in Fast Track Courses also known as Degree in One year or Graduation in One Year courses. Many working professionals find it almost impossible to handle such pressure along with work. Thus one must have a good study plan for degree in one year program.

Now, covering all the subjects of a degree course in one year requires not just a good but an efficient study plan for Degree in One Year. This article has been written to share a step by step study plan for degree in one year program.

In a Fast Track Course, the candidate has to appear for all the pending exams in one sitting. Students enrolled in such courses only have one year for preparation. To efficiently learn as well as gain good marks, Distance Education Point has devised the following tips:

Step 1:  Get Ready

First step while drafting a study plan for degree in one year program is to get a hold on the syllabus. Go through the study material and assess how many days you have. Also analyse the length of the complete syllabus and how much time you can devote to studies every day.  

Step 2: Make a Smart Plan for Degree in One Year

Often, due to pressure of syllabus, students find it really hard to cover the complete syllabus for all the subjects. You need to be smart while making a study plan for degree in one year program. Select whatever is important and try leaving out the few basic topics that you already know.

3)   Step 3 : Innovate a Little

Use various tricks to utilise even the tiniest bit of time. You can find many tricks in the article 5 Vital Tips For Distance Learners. Using these tips you can eliminate the biggest problem in preparing a study plan for degree in one year, which is, Time Management.  

4)  Step 4 : Time for Homework!

Start assessing your assignments after completing the study plan for degree in one year program. Solving the assignments will help you understand and learn the subjects in the course. You can also build your study plan based on what topics have been emphasised in the assignment.

Step 5: Revisit What You’ve Studied

After completing the assignments you must revise what you have covered and prepare proper notes and short notes for every subject. Now the idea should be to consolidate your conquest. Schedule a revision day every week to revise the topics covered till date. This revision is a vital part of any study plan for degree in one sitting.

Step 6: Prepare for Exams

The aim of your study plan for One Year program must be to complete at least 75% of the syllabus of all subjects with two months to spare for the exam. That is when you set a target of solving at least 3 previous years’ question papers everyday. The subjects can be same or different. Solving question papers would help you develop aptitude for the upcoming exams.

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