Commerce and Management One Year Courses

B.Com, BBA, BMS, MBA One Year Graduation

Multiple students are enthusiastic when they generally hear about the commerce course. Since there are multiple scopes and you can build a great career once you are a BCom degree holder.

You must have heard that you generally three years to complete BCom but what if I told you that you can be complete Commerce Graduation in one year. I guess this has made you regarding the one-year commerce course.

So let you look over the details regarding commerce and management one year course.

Table of Content:-

1. About the Commerce and Management one year course
2. Eligibility for one-year commerce courses
3. Specialization in one year Commerce courses
4. The objective of Commerce Graduation in one year
5. The conclusion on one-year commerce course



About the Commerce and Management one year course

The time has gone when it was compulsory to invest 3 years in our graduation. Nowadays you can complete your graduation within one year. There are many students, who do not have such a long period of 3 years which they can invest for the completion in their graduation. Well, such type, of course, allows these students to complete their Commerce graduation in one year.

Generally, such type of courses is taken by those students who have discontinued their studies after they completed their Senior Secondary examination.

The one-year courses generally fall under the Credit Transfer Scheme, which gives the chance to complete your graduation in just 1 year.
Students can easily complete their BCom degree within one year through one sitting BCom degree.

Eligibility for one year Commerce course

The eligibility criteria for a student to take this course is a simple and easy one. All you need is to complete your Senior Secondary Examination from a recognized and reputed Board. Once you fulfill this criterion then you are truly allowed to grab the one-year degree course.

Specialization in one year Commerce courses

The area of specialization for one year BCom degree has been listed below:-
BCom General Programme.
BCom (Hons) in Accounting and Finance
Bachelor (Hons) in Business Process Outsourcing
Bachelor in Service Management
Bachelor in Management Studies

Well, these are just a few areas of specialization from a huge variety of options which is generally taken after looking over the interest in the subject by the students.

The objective of Commerce Graduation in One Year

Bachelor of Commerce degree will be provided to those students who have enrolled in the course and have been able to complete it. Once the student completes the one year course, then s(he) is ideally eligible for the jobs related to multiple Private and Public Sector.


LLB One Year Degree Program
One Year MBA Distance Learning

The conclusion on one-year commerce course

Generally, such type of courses has been appreciated by multiple students as well as by many professors. Such type of courses allows students to save the time of 2 years which can be utilized for gaining some work experience. Till date, these one-year courses have helped many students who were not comfortable with the time of 3 years.

Once you complete your one-year degree course, then you are also eligible for pursuing your Master’s degree.

Apart from all these, you can also complete your MBA in one year. An MBA degree is one of the most prestigious degrees in the market and being able to get it in a time of 1 year, is one of the biggest opportunities coming true.

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