If you had to dropout of college or discontinue studies, then graduation in one year is the best option for you.

What is Graduation In one Year?

Graduation in one year is a solution created for students who had to leave studies due to any reason. Sometimes due to financial problems students leave studies to go for a job or manage a business.

Often, health issues and mishaps like an unfortunate accident or a tragedy leads to breaking study. Such students mostly do not get back to education due to lack of time.

Graduation in One Year allows these students to complete their degree in one year through Fast Track courses or Lateral Entry System. Students are allowed to study the syllabus curated by reputed university professors and finish assignments for all the subjects of the degree.

Completed assignments are submitted to the respective institute’s Distance Education Cell and after submission the students are allowed to attempt examinations for all subjects in one term and complete their degree in one sitting.

How Does Graduation In One Year Work?

There are three basis that allow students to complete their higher studies in one year :

Breaking Study

Any student who had to discontinue study at any point of time in their academic life after 10+2 for two years or more is allowed to pursue graduation in one year. The basic condition is to submit completed assignments for all the subjects within the date assigned by the university or college and to score minimum passing marks in the examination for all the subjects of a degree.

Credit Transfer

If a student had enrolled in a particular graduation program from any accredited university of UGC and then discontinued or left studies after attending classes for one year or less they can enroll for the same course through distance learning and complete their graduation in one sitting. The credits that they had earned would be transferred to their new enrolled course.

Lateral Entry

Any student who completed one year or more without any backlogs is allowed to apply for graduation in one year through lateral entry system. Such students are enrolled directly in the final year of the course and are allowed to appear in the examination of all the remaining subjects in the year end examination.

Why Graduation in One Year?

There are numerous benefits of enrolling in a program that helps you complete graduation in one year.

One year degree allows a student to save time which they had lost during gap years. Instead of enrolling again and waiting for minimum of three years they can complete their degree in one year.

Distance learning mode provides quality education at the doorstep of anyone who truly wants to study. You can complete one year degree through distance learning without sacrificing your job or any other responsibility.

It is a great opportunity for women who could not complete their higher studies due to marriage or any other responsibility. They can easily enroll in the best universities and colleges to get back to studies and complete their degree in one year.

Besides everything, graduation in one year helps you achieve growth in your career. An extra qualification makes you eligible for higher posts where you can learn more and grow further.

Do you want to get back to studies? Are you a working professional and cannot pursue higher studies through regular programs?

Then do not wait. Apply for One Year Graduation.

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