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Top Distance Learning Universities

Top Distance Learning Universities and Colleges available at Graduation in one year

India has a number of the most effective Distance Education Universities.Distance learning may be a means of learning remotely while not being in regular face-to face contact with a tutor within the room. They are supplies who supply the all educational material and facilitate and the scholars with world level education by distance.Distance Education is availed typically by people that area unit either operating or need to boost their education level and ability whereas they’re powerless to attend regular university.

In the country, such learning has its roots in students learning through correspondence courses.Distance learning may be a means of learning worldwide methodwhile not being in regular face-to-face contact with a tutor within the room.

India has a number of the most effective Distance Education Universities.

They are all supply of education and facilitate scholars with world level education by distance.

Here is the List of Top Distance Learning Universities 

  1. University of Delhi  New Delhi
  2. Yashwantrao C. Maharashtra Open University Nasik
  3. Subharti University Distance Education
  4. Sikkim Manipal University (SMU-DE), Gangtok
  5. University of Mumbai, Mumbai
  6. Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
  7. Dr. C.V. Raman University, Bilaspur
  8. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune
  9. Amity Online University, NOIDA
  10. Annamalai University,  Annamalainagar
  11. NetajiSubhas Open University, Kolkata
  12. Jaipur National University, Jaipur
  13. Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  14. M.P. Bhoj (Open) University, Bhopal
  15. Maharishi Dayanand University (MDU), Rohtak
  16. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi
  17. AcharyaNagarjuna University, Guntur
  18. SNDT- Women’s University, Mumbai
  19. Alagappa University, Karaikudi
  20. Andhra University, Visakhapatnam   


Distance Learning Universities in India

Distance learning is learning process where the education system provides the all learning material to the student where student is not physical present in the center. Instead of education teacher and student can interact with choosing of own comfortable time. The student can join the class and attend the exam with the conventions’time. The student can do the course anywhere in India by taking admission in any of the college for Distance Learning Universities in India

Distance admissions in 2019 session<h2>

University of Distance Education Admission 2019 session – Application are invited from the eligible candidates for admission to the following programs under Open Distance Learning(ODL) mode as approved by Distance Education Bureau of University Grant Commission for the academic session 2019.

Amity Online University Courses and Fees

B.A Hons.Philosophy, politics, and economics 3.9 lakhs
B.Com., LL.B. Hons 10.25 lakhs
B.A. Hons.Economics 2.8 lakhs
B.Sc. Medical Physiology 3.9 lakhs
B.Sc. Hons.Biotechnology 3.6 lakh B.Sc. Interior Design 3.12lakhs
B.Sc. Fashion Technology 2.9 lakhs

Subharti University DDE Courses And Fees

B.A (Fashion Designing & Fine Arts) 6500
BBA 10000
BBA (Hotel & Tourism) 10000
B.A. – JMC 6500
B. Lib 8000
B.Sc (PCM) 7500
B.Sc (ZBC) 7500
BCA 9000
B.Com. 5000



We believe that distance learning is more helpful for those students who doesn’t have time to complete higher education and improve their educational qualification. The distance learning gives the chance to complete the qualification without attending the regular college classes. Please refer the Top Distance Learning Universities list for more details.

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One Year Courses

Distance Graduation in one  year

Distance Graduation in One Year is a valid process to complete higher studies in single studies from UGC, DEB and MHRD approved universities. 

The graduation is a most important part of our professional life . Without a Bachelor’s degree we miss lots of opportunities. Completing graduation is one of the most critical portions of a student’s life who has insufficient time due to financial responsibilities and insufficient money. You’ll find that majority of students in India that cannot complete their higher studies such as Graduation. After completing their high school most students pursue studies in job-oriented courses. However, any candidate with gap years or break in study can complete graduation in one year from UGC & DEB recognized university through Fast Track mode. Thus, without confronting any sort of difficulty and even with lack of time a candidate is able to complete his/her higher studies through graduation in one  year. It’s 100% valid degree. After obtaining the degree, the graduates are eligible to apply to various government, public and private sector jobs.  It’s a work-oriented class supply by the college. The most important purpose of this class is to handle the year difference of student.


What Is Graduation In One Year?


The graduation in one year is a fast track course. It helps save the time as well as money for that student who has year gap or those who dropped out of studies for any reason. They get the opportunity for Lateral Entry.

They can select Graduation & Post Graduation degrees in one year (Single Sitting) exam.

In India, due to an economic issue, this graduation in one year is getting more popularity. It will facilitate the students with financial difficulties in shaping up their Career and saving their gap years.

Is One Year Degree Is Valid?

In the light of spreading education to every corner of the country, government authorities like University Grants Commission(UGC) and Distance Education Bureau(DEB) have allowed the provision of one year graduation/degree/certification. Now finish your higher studies with Graduation in One Year and shape your career the way you want. It is possible to also apply and find a chance in the private industry in addition to the government sector.


Eligibility For Distance Graduation In One Year


To apply for Graduation in One Year, any individual who is willing, needs to have a gap of minimum two years in his academic career. Along with the gap in study, a student must have qualified 10+2 level examination from a recognized board or its equivalent. There is no Age Bar for distance learning in India, thus students of any age can aply for graduation in one year.

Courses Available For Distance Graduation In One Year


There is a vast array of courses that can be completed through Distance Graduation In One Year. Some of the most popular one year courses are listed below:

Arts Courses for Distance Graduation in One Year: 

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Social Work 

Science Courses for Distance Graduation in One Year: 

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) 

Commerce Courses for Distance Graduation in One Year: 

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Management Courses for Distance Graduation in One Year:

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Bachelor of Management Science (B.M.S.)

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)


Graduation in one year can be a great help for those students who are facing challenges in investing a big amount of time and money in studies.  Graduation in one Year is one of the best courses to get a professional diploma in a short time and get eligible for professional jobs in the market with attractive salary structure.

Hope this information was useful for you, kindly let others also know about it by sharing to your friends and family. 

International Students

Complete Your Graduation In One Year in India

In our country, every student wants to complete their Graduation degree. But as we all know that completing graduation is among the most difficult tasks of those student’s life who have lack of time as well as money. You will find that there are bulk of pupils in India who cannot finish their certificate classes like Graduation. After high school a few of these pursue job-oriented classes, some go out of thir native state seeking employment, and others get enrolled in diploma classes. However, with help One Year Graduation, a candidate completes graduation in one year with the valid recognized university in too little time. So without facing any kind of difficulty and in shot time, candidate finishes the graduation in one year. It is a 100% valid degree.  After getting this certificate, people can apply to any private sector as well as government sector job. It is a job-oriented course provided by the university. The main objective of this course to manage the year gap of the student.

Study One year graduation in India

In India, because of money limitations, some students stop studying to make money and get casual with the study, but now the students are able to finish Graduation in one Year. It’ll aid them in shaping their Career and save their gap years too. To look after the issues of those students/individuals, Colleges have produced few Graduation diplomas in one year programs. After completion of the One Year Graduation Degree, students are provided marksheets and Degree from te University.

Can a foreign student apply for distance learning in India?

Yes, the government has booked some chair for distance learning in the foreign students quota. The government of India is providing some valid seat in some recognized university.  So foreign students may apply for whatever from graduation annually classes in most institutions the pupils from other developing nations through which international students may gain admission.

Validity of one-year degree in India

Yes, UGC and DEB or some other recognized institute supply the graduation degree certification. It’s appropriate Degree at annually, 100 percent valid. It’s accepted by the university. There’s a good opportunity of scopes are Offered in India after finish the one-year graduation. It is possible to also apply and find a chance in the private industry in addition to thegovernment sector.

FAQs about Studying in India

Question1:  Do Indian Universities allow distance graduation in one year?

Answer 1: Yes! You can complete your higher studies from India through fast track mode from a government approved university.

Question2:  What jobs can I apply for after completing Graduation in one Year from India?

Answer2: After completing your Graduation degree in one year, you can apply to various MNCs and Government sector for job. You can also start your own business.

Question3: What is the process of Application for foreign students in Indian Universities?

Answer 3: Foreign students can apply to Distance Graduation Courses through Lateral Entry and Credit Transfer. However, if you want to avoid complications, Conatct www.graduationinoneyear.in

Question4: What are the best Universities for One Year Graduation in India?

Answer 4: To find out the best universities for Distance Graduation in One Year, click here.

Question5: Will I receive my degree after completing the course?

Answer 5: The institutes send the degree documents through post once a student has cleared the exams conducted by the university. It is a 1005 valid degree and the students can also check their details on the university website.


The one year graduation has very less time consumingand low fee structure. The graduation is most important for thestudent. And it also provides the job opportunity in all private sector and government sector.This graduation degree reduces the year gap of thestudent. All the information in this article will help you to complete your graduation in one year in india.

Hope this information was useful for you, kindly let others also know about it by sharing to your friends and family.


One Year Graduation Courses

Apply for One Year Courses in DEB & UGC approved Universities. Complete graduation in one year and save your gap years. 

As most of us understand that complete graduation one of the most troublesome portions of these student’s life that have insufficient time and insufficient money too. You’ll get the majority of students in India that cannot complete their certificate classes such as Graduation. After complete their high school some of those participate themselves in job-oriented courses. However, the candidate completes one year graduation courses usingthe legally recognized university in too little time .so without confronting any sort of difficulty and lack of time candidate complete the alliance atoneyear graduation. It’s 100% valid. After obtaining these certificated menare able to apply any private business in as well as to government services. It’s a work-oriented class supply by the college. The most important purpose of this courseis to handle the year difference of student.





List of One Year Graduation Courses


  1. One Year Graduation Courses In Arts
  2. One Year Graduation Courses In Science
  3. One Year B.Tech Course.
  4. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  5. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  6. Bachelor of computer administration(BCA)
  7. Bachelor of information technology
  8. Bachelor of fashion designing.
  9. One Year graduation in physics
  10. One year graduation in computer application.


One Year Graduation Courses in Arts 


You see, several Government jobs need candidates to be Graduates. So, if it’s a Government job that you just area unit targeting, you’ll do this one year graduation course in arts. After complete this you are getting ready for state Job entrance exams!

The Bachelor of Arts (or B.A.) usually offers such as History, Philosophy, English Literature, Psychology, Economics, Sociology and so much more! It is very easy to complete in comparison of three year graduation courses


One Year Graduation Courses In Science


Science is normally a subject that disturbs the majority of the pupils, but we also cannot deny it is generally among the most exciting topics. This is only one of those subjects that have a fantastic quantity of scope. You have to have heard that college takes 3 decades, but what I should inform you that you are able to finish your science graduation in 1 year.  It is very less time to consume and as well as money also.


One Year B.Tech Course


Yes, you can be an engineer in one year. The benefit of doing this course is you can get the job in little time and you can save your time and year gap if any.

You can complete your engineering certificate through one sitting certificate in Engineering.

This course is more important for those students who have discontinued their study after 10th or 12th or who have failed in any course or not continued their higher education plan due to multiple reasons.  There are many colleges which are approved by UGC or any polytechnic approved by AICTE where you can complete one- year B tech course. the B tech is  one of the most demanded course in India.



This oneyear graduation course is more beneficial for that student who has a lack of money and time also. The student gets their profession in minimum time. Anyone can get a graduate degree in one year. After complete this student have a bright future.

Hope this information was useful for you, kindly let others also know about it by sharing to your friends and family.


Student Testimonials


I completed my MBA from Subharti University through graduationinoneyear.in and today I am successfully running my own home based business and I love it!

Arpita Tiwari

I left my studies in 2nd year of BSc and after 8 years of gap graduationinoneyear.in helped complete my graduation through credit transfer system.

Ankur Verma

I completed BSc IT from Amity through graduationinoneyear.in and currently employed at Infosys. Thanks for helping me achieve this.

Ankita Baheti (Infosys)

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